The story

The story of Herolds Warehouse

Herolds Warehouse was founded by Henry and Mary Herold in 1896 in Dybbølsgade 51 Copenhagen, where Henry with the humble background started Herolds Warehouse of hardware etc. to the household of working families. They did sell all kinds of items, which often made by local artisans in this way they had an extra income to contemporary small salaries. historie
The business is going well and got a degree that made it hard to be in the relatively small space in Dybbølsgade. Herolds Warehouse store had been a wholesale business with deliveries to a variety of the city’s shops and theme parks, delivered to companies and associations as well as raffle items – but always with products that were intended for use in working families.
In 1923 moved Herolds Warehouse to Amager – on Øresundsvej 21 Herolds Warehouse was now regarded as a major wholesaler and the committee was greatly expanded. Henry and his son Stanley invented a lot of things and was produced toys, jewelry, etc. But still on the way to it was a large number of families who earned an extra dime – It was hard times and there was great satisfaction at the families who in this way could be maintained reasonable.
historie1Henry, who in his youth had been an itinerant carpenter – one Naver – “Carpenter and Journeyman” and therefore had encountered in many companies on his travels around Europe – the son Stanley should try to seek out these companies for an import on it. But Stanley’s travels in particularly impoverished Germany in the 30s found that many factories as ailing gave Herolds Warehouse a good opportunity to buy up the stocks which went on sale at the factories closing at a good price. So Herolds Warehouse bought whole factory store and got sent them home to Øresundsvej as soon overflowing with items it was difficult to accommodate. There are actually a wide range of goods from these trips even in the warehouse – incredible as it may sound.
In 1943 Stanley Herold shop with his wife Else took over . Enterprising Stanley was again extended its range with its colorful disposition, it was a natural development that the business got some more articles inside joke and items for the holidays. Although it had its primary business as a wholesaler, it was daily retail sales in the store just as important for Stanley and Else who loved to “present” goods for both children and adults – to much amusement – especially for Stanley who went out of the way, to joke with customers.
Stanley and Else continued to travel throughout Europe and countless are the destinations they have visited – mostly for business purposes, but also as tourists. When Wholesaler Stanley and Else was away closed to just shop – put up a sign in the door and then you had to just come back later
In 1960 the shop stopped with a focus on sales to theme parks, traveling Tivolis, toy stores, hardware stores and department stores, at that primarily restructured the business to retail. The title of the stockholders retained Stanley when they could not abandon old business customers because of it.
It purchased now for the retail and continued to sell off inventory from major purchases in the 30s, 40s and 50s. Hence the previously mentioned the “old” but the new things that are in the store. But that’s what makes Herolds Department store so special – And we dare take the risk, to say that we have quite unique with our product range.
historie2Herolds Warehouse was in many ways already an institution then. The store was unchanged since its inauguration in 1923 half a century earlier and Stanley and Else always felt privileged when talking with customers who had been there as a child, had acted into his family as an adult and came and presented Herolds Department store for her grandchildren .
Stanley and Else was always ready to lend a hand and help in private family matters and particularly the youth and children were always out in the shop and be pampered with toys etc. when we were visiting. Toys joke was just something we children could use and felt privileged that we really had “a toy shop in the family” as we kids said when we discussed Herolds Warehouse for colleagues – So there was always rejoicing with us kids when we should visit Uncle Stanley and Aunt Else.
Some of the things that Else including sold to Danmarks Radio in 1978 is a wide range of drapery items – laces, buttons, hooks, needle and thread, etc., as one sees in Mads Skjern’s shop in the series Matador – stems precisely from the “old” stock. Try to notice the next time the series will appear in the TV because you can actually still acquire the goods in Herolds Warehouse today – very funny to it are the same
Stanley and Else never got any children and when Stanley died in 1977 drove Else shop on to his death in 1995 – Else, 83 years. Then took Else’s nephew John and his wife Winnie the store and drive Herolds Warehouse on until 2006, when we – their son Jean and daughter Connie then took over and so is the fourth generation behind the old disks from the store’s inauguration of the 1,923th
If you visit the store you find out that the store still looks as it did in 1923. There is only a few additions / small changes like that have changed the stove out with paraffin stove model 70’s and as something totally new, Herolds Department store received credit card machine. It came in 2007, so there is Internet shop – you are on now


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The article in the old days with some photo – a nostalgic blog is just one of the media that have been visiting at Herolds Department Store .
The distinctive décor that is in Herolds Department store , can someone may seem overwhelming , but it must be good because it is in fact pure history. The range of goods is absolutely overwhelming – We figured once on it and gave up counting at 10,000 – And do not we do that. We care about the store as it is and we maintain the old way of displaying goods are on . But do not worry , we have as well as track of what is in store. Otherwise, there is the old Herolds Department Store Description : In the vernacular previously called Herolds magazine and Tiøres – bazaar
With everything from floor sand to hold back


As mentioned, the store is not immediately to grasp – It is definitely just as overwhelming as the store – so no one knows exactly what is in all the many cases that have come to over the years . Keep in mind that replaced exhibition on shelves and windows – by tilting the entire shelf contents into a box and put it up on the ceiling – Then there was the fact room for a whole lot of new and exciting. Therefore, there can be up to 50-100 different things in a box – very exciting – when you open a – So – It ‘s not that you can expect that what you see in the store has it all – there is always something new ” old ” unused forward periodically.

And yes – then it comes into Internet store pages – of course. But ask us not to go to the store and find certain things until delivery day – it’s not safe we just when all boxes through in a day – but it will come down the road ..